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Upcoming Workshops


The Enneagram Workshop – June 5, 2018 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Shine Dental Arts Office
8906 West Bowles Avenue, Suite #110
Littleton, CO

Cost: $75 
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All around the world, people struggle to understand how we can be our best selves—in our relationships and in our lives. Discover the Enneagram, a powerful tool for self-awareness, understanding and growth. Interrupt the old, unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs of your personality. See the motives for why you do what you do and the “warning signs” of behaviors that negatively impact your relationships and your own well-being. Sign up for my 3-hour workshop to learn your Enneagram type and to discover your strengths and areas of challenge in your life, work, relationships, and parenting.

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MindScape – April 27 – 29, 2018

Shine Dental Arts Office
8906 West Bowles Avenue, Suite #110
Littleton, CO, United States

MindScape is a method that teaches the participant to tap into faculties of the creative and intuitive mind not normally so accessible to our everyday life state of mind. In practical terms, this means that the student learns ways of engaging intuition at will and enhancing creative and intuitive abilities.

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BodyTalk Access – Date TBA

BodyTalk Access provides the layperson, family and community with a simple set of energy-based techniques to make health maintenance and the management of daily health challenges accessible.

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