Through the years I have had the opportunity to travel to other parts of the world. Seeing the way people from other cultures do things always helps me question the customs, beliefs and routines of my own way of life.

Last fall, I was in Italy for my 26th wedding anniversary trip. We spent time along the shoreline and on the beach. I was struck by how many women were wearing […]

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Why You Do What You Do

Everyone has a subconscious mind. In it are those hidden drives, motivations, and fears that lie beneath our conscious, rational thoughts. Our subconscious is largely programmed by age six. By this time our developing brains have downloaded and internalized massive amounts of information about how the world works, most often from our immediate families and environments.

Some scientists estimate that the subconscious mind drives our behavior as much as 90% of […]

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Solitude can be both irritating and inviting.

                                                            -Tricia Gast

I have heard through the years of women who routinely took time away from their lives to go on retreat. I remember when I had young children that I couldn’t even conceive of the idea of leaving my family for my own selfish purposes. Yet there was a yearning and resonance with this idea that never left […]

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BodyTalk for Peak Athletic Performance

Athletes benefit from the BodyTalk System in how they train and perform, recover from injury, and assimilate nutrients. Whether you are a casual athlete or a high-performing athlete, BodyTalk works quickly for those who tend to know their bodies well and be in good shape.

BodyTalk works at the mental, emotional and physical levels.

Mentally and emotionally, BodyTalk can help with performance anxiety. Typically, athletic preparation practices are strong, but the event […]

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You Mean I’m Learning Resilience Again?

No matter your particular style, we all reveal patterns under stress. In this blog I’ll talk about ways to feel more resilient and create more resourcefulness in your stressful situation—whatever that situation may be.

Your style under stress may be to go numb; to be unrelenting in your pursuit of “the goal” and therefore never take a break; to do things in spurts; to get 75% of the job done and […]

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This week, as I was walking into the Denver Health Hospital to see a patient, I noticed the most heart-warming phenomenon: real-life examples of courage and support. I saw people walking ever so slowly, hand in hand, as they made their way to the entrance of the hospital. An adult woman and what appeared to be her mother. A mother and her adolescent son. There were sweet exchanges of straightening […]

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The Benefits of Slowing Down

I was a young parent who felt like she was rushing through life. I wanted to get things done and feel productive. At the time, I had no concept of the potential benefits of slowing down.

Sometimes I wonder if I didn’t receive some kind of internal payoff or validation for my level of productivity. I could point to lots of reasons or stories to explain why I might have become […]

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Be You!

When It’s Best to Simply Be You!

I am at the Steam Espresso Coffee Bar to do some writing. I sit down with my tea and cake and as I settle into my writing space, I look up and notice that all the other singletons in the back room of the coffee shop are facing me.

Another way of saying this is that I was facing what appeared the “wrong direction.” I […]

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What is your Parachute?

When you’ve run through your life too hard, what is the warning sign you listen to that tells you it’s time to decelerate? What is the rip cord that signals your parachute to open, enabling you to slow down?

I recently noticed that my elbows and hands were chronically tight and manifesting a variety of symptoms. Initially, because I was so busy, I did the bare minimum to manage the ailments. […]

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Making a Decision

Making a decision is easy and efficient for some people; while for others it is fraught with self-doubt and second guessing. What is your decision making style? Are you able to trust yourself at times like these?

To those who struggle with making decisions, thoughts of self-doubt may sound like “I’m sick to my stomach thinking about this,” “I’m scared to death I will make the wrong decision,” “What if this is […]

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